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States With Legal Sports Betting

If you’re skeptical, that’s understandable. Sports betting has been “illegal” in the US for so long that most folks simply take for granted that any solution has to be a sort of shady, gray-area thing. But rest assured, that’s absolutely not the case. In fact, it’s very simple to understand why offshore sportsbooks are legal to use.

For one thing, offshore books operate – as their designation implies – offshore. Because they’re based out of other countries, the US has no legal jurisdiction over their operations. And thanks to World Trade Organization agreements and binding legal precedents, as long as America doesn’t have an active trade embargo with another nation, US residents are free to enter into business contracts with them. Since US laws apply only to domestic companies, any gambling restriction is irrelevant as applied to these books.

However, there’s a bit more to it. Take the erstwhile federal PASPA ban. This law prevented domestic books from opening up outside of Nevada, but its restrictions were based on prohibiting operators of sportsbooks, not individual bettors. All of the existing state laws on the subject follow this model, banning operators and those engaged in the “business of bookmaking” or “advancing gambling”. They do not, however, criminalize bettors for gambling as they wish. Because offshore books are free to offer their services and US bettors are free to wager as they please, this voluntary transaction arrangement is perfectly legal and totally safe.

Basically, in most states, it is legal to use an offshore sportsbook, but it is not legal to operate a sportsbook within the state. Some states have taken the initiative, and have legalized sportsbooks inside state lines, but those sportsbooks are state sanctioned, and have state imposed limits on what they can offer. For example, betting on politics is not allowed at any of them, and many of them restrict betting on college sports within the state as well. For this reason, the offshore sportsbooks can still be preferable destinations even with state sanctioned sportsbooks as an option in many states.

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