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Residents of Oklahoma know that there’s much more to their state than an old musical. They are a hub of culture, great scenery, and, just like most states in the heart land of the United States, a thriving culture revolving around passion for the Oklahoma Sooners or the Oklahoma State Cowboys. That being the case, many residents of the aptly named Sooner State are unsurprisingly interested in using Oklahoma sports betting sites, but stop themselves because they believe the hobby to be illegal, dangerous, or unsafe. Happily, this is not the whole story as it relates to wagering on sports events in the state.

This webpage will help to walk people from Oklahoma through finding a safe means of betting on sports. When we say safe, we don’t merely mean staying out of any legal trouble, we mean that not only is it possible to bet on sports without risking any jail time, but without needing to expose yourself to any personal risk or even needing to put any money in unsafe hands.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma

Before we move on at all, the most important thing for you to understand is that it is not a criminal offense to bet on sports. The only thing that is considered illegal in Oklahoma is the act of taking bets on sports or facilitating sports betting. It’s true that Oklahoma and the federal government at large have strict laws against anything that could be defined as “bookmaking” (essentially, making a profit off of sports betting) but the actual act of placing a bet will never land an otherwise honest citizen in the Klink.

So, how to all of the online sportsbooks that accept Oklahoma residents listed on this page manage to function legally in a country where bookmaking is highly illegal? Easy, they are not located in this country. Since these websites are established and managed overseas, they are well outside of any United States jurisdiction. The advantage to these being legal operations is twofold. First, there is obviously no risk of the law shutting down these operations causing you to lose any funds, and secondly, in order for these businesses to operate legally, they must be certified by reputable international gaming commissions. This assures fair play, and high standards for fairness when it comes time to issue payouts.

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Best Oklahoma Online Sportsbooks

Understandably, some residents of Oklahoma are skeptical about investing their hard earned money in foreign businesses. However, there is no need to fret. These Oklahoma sports betting sites are all thoroughly tested by us and millions of other sports bettors around the world. These are the leaders in the industry, and it’s safe to say that they would not have achieved their level of fame if they did not pay out their customers on a regular basis.

Bovada Sportsbook


When searching for the ultimate resource for sports betting, look no further than the Bovada online sportsbook. No sportsbook is as friendly to both beginners and veteran sports bettor alike, sporting the most complete collection of game lines and propositions in the industry as well as one of the most intuitive website layouts and comprehensive betting glossaries available on the web.

If you’re new to sports betting, Bovada really sweetens the deal. All new members are entitled to a huge bonus just for signing up: like 50% of your first deposit huge. With this deal, prospective bettors can earn up to $250 in bonus money, helping to jump start their bank accounts with a huge bank roll, just what a new bettor needs to get a new hobby started on the right foot!

BetOnline Sportsbook


One quick click here and Oklahoma residents will see just why this is one of the most well designed sites on the web, not just for sports betting, but in overall depth and quality. Be it the intuitive layout or easy to read color scheme on every page, this is simply one of the best looking websites you will ever have the privilege of laying your eyes on.

However, don’t fall in the trap of thinking this online sportsbook for Oklahoma residents is all flash and no substance. With fantastic features like live betting and an award winning mobile app, BetOnline has all the bells and whistles that will keep those both new to betting and seasoned veterans coming back every day. Even though this sportsbook is newer to the industry than some, their devotion to quality and cutting edge technology has allowed them to make up ground quickly. Sports fans know that speed kills, and BetOnline is the fastest sports betting sites around.

SportsBetting Sportsbook


Sometimes when tackling a problem, it’s easy to begin to over think things. Keeping it simple is some of the best advice you can ever receive in life, and it certainly applies to wagering on sports events. When looking for a domain to trust with all of your wagering needs, don’t be afraid to trust the aptly named SportsBetting.

Loyal members of this sportsbook have grown accustomed to VIP treatment, like the SportsBetting deposit bonus. Whenever you make a deposit into your sports betting account, you can receive 25% of it back in the form of bonus money all the way up to $1000. The best part? This is not a mere sign-up bonus, but a perk that members of this top notch sportsbook are eligible to receive throughout the entire lifespan of their careers. Don’t be left behind!

Legal Sports Betting Sites For Oklahoma Residents

Best Oklahoma Sportsbooks Initial Deposit Bonus Mobile Wagering Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% up to $250 Yes, All Devices VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% to $1,000 – “FIRST” Yes, All Devices VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 50% up to $500 – “SB50” Yes, All Devices VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% to $200, 20% to $500 after Yes, Phone-in Too VISIT

Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Wagering in Oklahoma

Q: What’s the most popular way to get my winnings out of my sportsbook account?

A: Unfortunately, due to federal law, online sportsbooks are unable to provide payouts directly to credit card accounts. The most popular means of receiving a payout is getting a check in the mail. Check with your sportsbook for more details, but most sports betting sites will provide free payouts to members with certain terms and conditions.

Q: What can I bet on with my sportsbook account?

A: Anything! Although these sites are custom-tailored to clientele from the US, game lines on any sport are available. No matter your sports interest, you should be able to find several game lines that appeal to you.

Q: Are these sportsbooks open to all ages?

A: No. In most cases, you must be at least 18 to sign up with any of these OK online sportsbooks. However, we strongly urge you check with your state’s laws. In Oklahoma, you must be 21 to bet and we advise waiting until that time to avoid any legal complications.

Q: What will happen to me if my sportsbook catches me betting underage?

A: Most often, accounts found belonging to underage members will be deleted and banned from future membership. In addition, any money associated with the account, including any winnings awaiting payout, will be forfeit to the sportsbook.

Q: Will a sportsbook require a lot of personal information from me?

A: Most members have found the sign up process for any of these Oklahoma online sportsbooks to be painless. Aside from some very basic contact information, these gambling sites in Oklahoma only require enough financial information to receive deposits and process payouts. If you wish to avoid this, you may always deposit via a money order.

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