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Local Gaming Groups in Oklahoma – OKgamers.com

OKC WarS (Oklahoma City War-gaming Society) – Link to Facebook Group
OKC WarS (www.okcwars.com) is a gaming club, where our members will be provided a location once a month for all of us to play. To join an event, it’s $5 for the entire day. We play many games ranging from Miniature games to Role Playing and Board Games. We do not do any Electronic form of gaming.

Tulsa Board Game Community – Link to Facebook Group

An open forum for anyone interested in playing Board Games in the greater Tulsa area. Feel free to join and invite others who have our love of board gaming in common.

Tabletop Gamers of Tulsa – Link to Facebook Group
A group of people in the Tulsa area interested in D&D and tabletop gaming. This is a family friendly group designed to help people find groups to play or host tabletop games. All ages and experiences welcome, but required to follow rules to maintain the family friendly environment. My wife and I are Christian people, but all are welcome as long as they follow rules. Grab your dice, your cheese doodles, and your energy drinks and lets play.

Tulsa Heroclix Group – Link to Facebook Group
Group of Heroclix players in Tulsa and Tulsa’s surrounding areas.

The Game Room – Link to Facebook Group
A group for organizing local, home-based gaming sessions, mainly roleplaying, miniatures, card and board gaming, anywhere in Oklahoma. Help us grow the community and connect with other gamers in and around your area!

Oklahoma DCC RPG Society – Link to Google+ Group
Local group focused on growing the Oklahoma Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG community through networking and events.

Oklahoma Tabletop Gaming Club Members – Link to Facebook Group
The official group for the Members of the Oklahoma Tabletop Gaming Club. Board Games and tabletop Minis including X-wing. Weekly and monthly meetings in OKC.

Oklahoma Board Game Community – Link to Facebook Group
Group for anyone interested in tabletop gaming in Oklahoma. Weekly and monthly meetups and game nights are held throughout the state. Post events, share photos, converse! Buy and Sell posts as well.

N.W. Oklahoma Boardgamers Guild – Link to Facebook Group
Group in northwest Oklahoma. With in 45 minutes of Enid, Alva, or Fairveiw.  Family freindly, but relaxed.  Just people getting together to game. We need more members so if interested contact Ron Woodall at [email protected]

Oklahoma Heavy Gear Blitz – Link to Facebook Group
A group dedicated for all Oklahoma players of Heavy Gear Blitz to talk about the game, share pictures or arrange games.

Oklahoma Mahjong Group – Link to Facebook Group
We are a local mahjong community based in Tulsa county, Oklahoma. We love to teach and play Mahjong, our focus is Japanese style (Riichi) mahjong but, we also invite all other styles

Oklahoma Dungeons and Dragons – Link to Facebook Group
A place for all dungeon crawlers and moderators. Share, post and discuss the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Looking for a party or host? ask around and see what you can find!



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